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Ways IT Can Prepare for Mobile Forensic Investigations

How IT Can Prepare for Mobile Forensic Investigations


Every organization that attaches value to its data and information, they need to brace themselves for the huddles associated with forensic investigation on mobile devices that access such data. Experts argue that it is more challenging to forensically audit mobile devices than is for personal computers. With the advancement in technology, companies are adopting different models when it comes to mobile access to its resources. Some allow their employees to bring their own devices whereas others supply their employees with company owned devices. Organizations that are required to comply with some security regulation can find it tough in cases where forensic investigations are to be done but they have no access to these devices.


An organization needs to prepare for forensic investigations on mobile devices used to access data and information that relates to the organization. Some of the most important aspects that need to be addressed by the IT team of the company include;


  1. Align your information policy to grant the company right to access employee held devices.


It is illegal to carry out an investigation on a device or sets of devices that you are legally barred from accessing unless the owner authorizes it. Therefore, the company should make to employees consent to investigation of their devices on request by the company. This provides a legal backing to enable the security company mandated by the organization to carry out forensic investigation. The organization should make sure that it has permission to interrogate any device that has been used in their environment to access its resources.


  1. Carry out capacity building on your IT team before deploying them.


Manufacturers are increasingly making their mobile products more secure each passing day. This therefore calls for the IT forensic investigation team to be well equipped with knowledge on how to bypass new security features on devices prior to carrying out investigation on them. This will increase the probability of unearthing enough information from the device under investigation. The team should also know what to expect when investigating different mobile devices.


  1. Allow employees to bring their devices but limit the authorization to a few.


When investigating a pool of mobile devices that access the organization’s resources, the organization is prone to use huge amounts of resources to get minimal evidence. This is because these devices run on different operating systems, some of which are incompatible with forensic tools which may make the tools to fail in some, among other challenges. Therefore, the organization should only allow mobile devices in its environment if it has the resources necessary to investigate them should there be need. The organization need to ensure that complex mobile devices that are resource intensive when it comes to forensic investigation are barred from accessing its information Technology resources. For these reasons, the organization’s IT team need to keep authorized mobile devices that access its environment at their minimal if it is to carry an efficient and meaningful forensic investigation from time to time.



Cloud Computing: Another Digital Forensic Challenge



Cloud computing refers to is a method of computing that involves usage of the internet to provide for scalable and virtualized resources that are related to the computer. Throughout the business community, cloud computing has continued to manifest itself as a force to reckon over the years in the recent past. In this article however, we will be looking to inform you of some of why cloud computing is perceived as another digital forensic challenge.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

Despite being perceived as a digital forensic challenge, cloud computing has some advantages that includes;

l It does not need technological know-how

With cloud computing, a business does not need technological know-how, infrastructure control or any other sort of expertise. This means that it can be adopted by any business firm as it has “less baggage.”

l Cost saving

Due to the fact that it does not require any technical knowledge to handle it, it can be used to save cost in any business firm as there will be no need to hire workers who are equipped with special knowledge about cloud computing.

l Variety of services offered

Another advantage that comes with cloud computing is that it is able to provide variety of services including VMware, Rackspace, Amazon and Google amongst many others. This can also boost the efficiency of any business that has adopted the use of services that are inherent with cloud computing.

What are the forensic and security issues that concerns cloud computing?

Cloud computing might appear suitable for any business but it too have its undoing’s. Some of them are discussed below;

l Obvious security risks

Using the internet to access remote server for the purposes of application initiation is obviously a security risk. One of the security risks involves privacy. When you store sensitive corporative data on a remote server for instance, there is a chance that the information might land on the hands of an authorized personnel.

l Little or no awareness

When you store data on a remote server, you cannot exactly tell where it is located. This is dangerous as in the case that the server crashes or is compromised, there will be no specific procedures that will help you recover the lost data. Also the service provider might run bankrupt and stop offering the services of cloud storage. That means that all your stored data will be lost too.


l Privacy laws

In the place where you are residing there may be privacy laws that safeguards the data you sent to the cloud server. But since you do not know the location to which the data you have sent will land, it may end up in a country where there are no privacy laws therefore your data can be compromised with.




Though cloud computing has added advantages to business firms, they can also be a source of destruction with regards to how forensic and security issues are handled as discussed above.






How Technology Has Changed in 2016

How Technology Has Changed in 2016


The more we venture deeper into the digital era, the more the technology is changing consistently. Many people thought that technology had reached its peak with the invention of smartphones and numerous other mobile devices. However, it has continued to evolve and in 2016, new technology that is able to transform the world is already in place, and by the beginning of 2017, it is expected that life will be changed by technology.


Technology has Brought Changes to Our Daily Activities


In 2016, technology has simplified the way of doing our daily tasks. Some years back, people relied on laptops as the main devices to perform various assignments. However, these devices would only access internet in areas with Wi-Fi connection, but today, giant-sized smartphones and tablets are available, and they enable people to work from anywhere.


Battery Power

All these mobile devices require sufficient power to keep you connected with your family, friends and workmates. Due to technology, universal chargers are now available and they are very convenient. These universal chargers are suitable for charging your tablet, smartphone and several other mobile devices. In fact, some portable chargers can even jumpstart your car.


Arrival of Automated Technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

There are quiet a good number of machines on the market with capacity to respond to a person’s voice to follow instructions. Future machines will have ability to recognize a person’s voice, as well as reading the emotions of the person using it. IoT is a technology just around, but the most tech-savvy individuals know extremely well that it has already arrived.


Anyone Can Become a Programmer

Recently, Microsoft launched a program called PowerApp, that in essence allows everyone to become a developer, despite their level of skills. In fact, the app allows users to create application for their Android, Windows or iOS, without previous skills and knowledge. This is an opportunity which new entrepreneurs can use to introduce their ideas to the world, despite them lacking expertise in programming.


Autopilot Driving

This is a technology that was rolled out by car company Tesla at the end of 2014. The software, which is similar to what is used by airline pilots, allows the car to be driving on autopilot. This technology is expected to become more popular going into 2017.


Management of Video Content

Many businesses have been using video content technology in their operation for some time now. Today, this technology is being integrated in all areas of operation of these businesses including customer service desks and field tech areas. It is expected that this software will continue to grow and become fully operational and integrated into management systems in 2017.

Indeed, this is how technology has changed in 2016 and is aimed at streamlining activities at the workplace. However, the changes are expected to spill over and change our lives too; making them easier. Therefore, we should all embrace these technological changes because they are meant to simplify our work and lives.






Finding Data Recovery Company

There are many data recovery companies out there, and it can be hard to figure out which one you can trust and which one could carry out the job well for you. You should check their reputation online since this is the simplest way to consider their capability. In the event that you are still uncertain, then address a delegate of the organization to clear each one of your questions. An information recuperation organization should dependably take great care of your present circumstance and mustn’t abandon you stranded regardless.

Steps to Finding Data Recovery Company

Keep in mind that after you have chosen one data recovery company, then staying in contact with them all the time ought to accelerate the work. Once the employment is done, you will be educated by their experts about the degree of accomplishment on the information recuperation front. It is dependably a smart thought to give specialists a chance to handle information recuperation. Home cures, for the most part, don’t work and can bring about significantly more harm than you might suspect. Information recuperation administrations are currently a part of a major industry which is prospering with new headways in innovation, and in case you leave the data recovery matters to them, there is no doubt that it would be handled well.

You rely on your information. So when you encounter an information loss, it is imperative to settle on an educated choice and select a trusted information recuperation authority that you can rely on to reclaim your media and significant information. A speedy hunt of the web can uncover endless associations which gloat of having the capacity to recuperate information from tapes, hard drives, RAID, and other stockpiling gadgets. PC stores and administration integrators may likewise offer fundamental information recuperation administrations using off-the-rack programming. On the other hand, as mentioned previously, you should be careful in selecting the right company to hire. Make sure the data recovery company has a good reputation.


Signs of a Good Data Recovery Company

With so many data recovery companies out there, it is really simple to find one that claims to be able to help you. Still, not all of them can be trusted. Notwithstanding, if the information you can’t get to is extremely valuable and vital or is basic to your employment and your business progression relies on that information, consider the accompanying. You should find an experienced data recovery company since with experience comes notoriety.

Basic Signs of a Good Data Recovery Company

Try not to give value a chance to impact your choice. Make sure you also realize that size doesn’t make a difference. Be careful with organizations advancing a one hundred percent recuperation rate because there is no way to be sure. Established firms convey ability and experience to the table. In the information recuperation business, each employment is special. Subsequently, settled firms have an abundance of experience accumulated throughout the years to help workforce conquer consistent and physical difficulties that every employment presents, particularly those put together by unpracticed information recuperation firms.

An accomplished data recovery expert conveys to the table mastery, as well as industry and thought initiative. An accomplished information recuperation supplier with a built up worldwide system of information recuperation research facilities, client benefit focuses and accomplices, is conferred and prepared to act as the hero of clients when information misfortune strikes whether they are at home or voyaging abroad. With the advancement of innovation and the developing prominence of the Open Source people group, shoppers ought not to be constrained to managing one hotspot for their equipment, programming and administration needs. A free information recuperation firm is not cuffed to one stage or working framework. An autonomous information recuperation firm offers a moderate and practical other option and would be able to convey a custom-tailored data recovery service to customers. All in all, they would do their best to provide you with what you need when it comes to data recovery.

Hiring a Data Recovery Expert

In case you have lost important information from your computer and you need a data recoveryexpert, when choosing that particular expert, don’t give value a chance to impact your choice. An unpracticed firm may cite low just to secure your business, however, will they really recover your information? Some administration outlets may give a level rate or low quotes basically to expand the number ofcustomers, but they would not convey the value that the customer really deserves. Out of ten activities they acquired, they may just observe one or two which can be viable recouped for their cited costs. All in all, they may also give you shrouded costs.

Tips for Hiring a Data Recovery Expert

A free assessment ought to incorporate an examination of the physical media via prepared staff, not a guesstimate by a delegate on the phone. A dependable firm would not give a quote before first looking at the influenced gadget in the research center. Before media is sent to the research facility, the agent ought to solicit an arrangement from inquiries which shed some light on the means paving the way to the information misfortune and in addition give the information recuperation firm with points of interest on the information required.

This is one of the many signs that they are taking your data recovery case seriously and not simply tinkering away at it without really understanding the situation. You’re looking for an information recuperation administrations organization since you can’t get to theinformation. Shouldn’t something be said about the information recuperation organization to which you’re thinking about sending your hard drive? Are faculty available? Is your information recuperation supplier accessible just nine a.m. to five p.m.? Other than their capacities, you also have to consider the data recovery company’s ability to service you as the customer. Even if they are the master of the trade, in case they cannot provide you with good service, then it is all for naught.